Thursday, September 1, 2011

{Style} Cara's Fall Outfits

Please hear me out when I say that I do not consider myself a much of a fashionista.  I don't own anything  haute couture and I find most of the clothes on Project Runway a bit strange & unwearable. 
I'm not the type to take huge fashion risks.  I never really have been (except that one day back in '95 when I stepped out in a blue plaid baby doll dress with hiking boots & two- yes, two- pairs of scrunchy socks). Usually, when I find an outfit or a style that works for me, I make it work (in my very best Tim Gunn voice, of course.)
While I may have a "typical" way of accessorizing myself, when it comes time for seasons to change, I tend to get a little antsy.  I'm ready for fall, folks.  More than ready.  But why, oh why, does it still have to be 85 degrees outside when I just want to cozy up in a fuzzy sweater & cute boots?  Aside from hovering in front of the A/C all day long just so I can slip into some uggs, I think I've found a way to make the summer-fall transition a little easier this year. 

Ladies & gentlemen... let's hear it for the cardigan.

I'm fairly certain there's a reason why two of my very favorite TV style icons (Leave it to Beaver's June Cleaver & Glee's Emma Pillsbury) have carved out a little niche for themselves in my heart.  Not only do they have superior morals & a knack for cleaning-- these ladies both know how to rock a good cardigan.

 While you might not be interested in cleaning your grapes individually or vacuuming your living room in high heels & pearls, everyone (& I do mean everyone) needs a sweet little cardigan in her life.  And what better way to find the perfect cardigan than scoping out Pinterest?  Here are a few of my favorite fall looks.

(All images via Pinterest)

Loving the aqua/black combo in this ensemble.  The gray cardigan totally dresses up the otherwise casual leggings & tee.  Would you put that cute little flower in your hair or wear it as a brooch?

Mmm, gray & yellow.  Such a fabulous color combo.  The ruffled tank & flowered sandals will probably be making their way to the clearance rack soon-- pair them with a patterned cardi & you are set, my friend.

One of my favorite looks.  #1- You have so many options to change the way this outfit looks just by swapping different colored accessories.  #2- Who knew a frappucino was considered an accessory?  :)

Be sure to snag a few lightweight scarves this season.  Not only will they keep your neck all warm & toasty, but they'll also add a nice punch of color to an otherwise 'blah-colored' outfit.  PS: I have that purse in camel & I get compliments on it all the time.  It's my fav.

Totally digging this orange trench coat.  You'll never have to search through 20 other black coats on a coat rack just to find yours.  And you'll always be spottable in a crowd.  It's a win-win.  I have a plum trench that I'm dyyyyying to wear this fall.  (Sersiously, 50 degree weather, just get here!)

My favorite outfit.  Pretty much ever.  Yep, I'm a long-sleeves, jeans & sandals kinda gal.  I love that this is so basic, and yet you could easily turn it up a notch just by adding a few bright accessories.  I think I'm in love.

Well, there you have it.  Now, you might not be seeing any of these looks streaming into your living room via Project Runway, I'm positive that you'll see them on regular-everyday-fashionable gals everywhere.  And I'm fairly certain that it beats the heck out of walking around like this:

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