Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{Cupcake Spy} Lavender Moon Cupcakery, Old Town Alexandria

Today is our first scheduled {Cupcake Spy} post! I was working on a project with Katie from Petite Social a few weeks ago, and she mentioned that she'd be interested in checking out a bakery in DC, like I did when I visited there earlier this summer. After the quick flashing of a lightbulb above my head, the {Cupcake Spy} idea was born! So credit goes to Katie for this awesome little project :) We have a lot of great people and bakeries coming up, so keep your eyes peeled for a bakery in your area! Take it away, Katie:

Place: Lavender Moon Cupcakery, Old Town Alexandria, VA
Cupcake spy: Katie Wells from Petite Social

Find a Cupcakery or Bakery in your local area, eat cupcakes, take
pictures, and write a review. THIS is the assignment? Being a sweets and
cupcake lover, this new Cupcake Spy feature from Two Sugar Babies was
totally up my alley! Throw my name in the hat PLEASE! I totally want to
be a cupcake spy for the DC area!

Hi! I’m Katie from Petite Social. I’m
based in Alexandria, VA, which is a suburb right outside of DC. Old Town
Alexandria is my stomping ground and when you mention cupcakes in this
town, there are 3 that will usually top the list.

First up for this assignment, Lavender Moon Cupcakery.

Located on S. Royal Street, right off of historic King Street in Old Town
Alexandria, Lavender Moon is located in a perfect spot for you to pop into
when your sweet tooth is aching. And, apparently THE place to go on a
Friday afternoon after school. The place was buzzing with kids and
parents celebrating the end of the 1st official week of back to school and
local moms and their toddlers looking for an activity post-naps.

All photos property of Petite Social and Two Sugar Babies.

Lavender Moon is owned by a local husband and wife team and the cupcakes
are baked daily by Mr. Lavender Moon himself, Peter. A list of Cupcake
Flavors of the Day are posted right outside the entrance to help get your
taste buds ready before you enter. I’d have to say, there’s nothing fancy
and foo foo here. If you’re in the mood for cupcakes, you’re getting
cupcakes. There aren’t options for any other types of sweets or coffee to
go along with the cupcake. I might have been disappointed if I wanted
more, but I’m 
here to taste cupcakes so no problem!

The flavor list is divided into 2. First is their Regular and Most
Popular flavors , Flourless Chocolate w/Almonds & Sea Salt (say no more!
but I politely listened to the rest of the list), Buttermilk with Mexican
Chocolate Pudding, Devils Food with Peanut Butter Mousse, Triple Belgian
Chocolate, Vanilla Vanilla, Vanilla Bean with Lemon Curd, Blood Orange
Dreamsicle, and Red Velvet.

The second is the Daily Special, which for my visit was Passion Fruit
Pistachio (hmmm), Key Lime (ehhh), Lemon Thyme & Blackberry, Smores, Fig
and Basil (really?), and Coconut Macaroon (ooohhhh)

Coconut Macaroon

Fig and Basil

Flourless Chocolate

Passion Fruit

Vanilla with Lemon Curd
Being that it was just me, I decided to just pick one from each list. I
went with the Flourless Chocolate with Almonds and Sea Salt – this
automatically made me think of the Hot Chocolate with Salted Pretzel drink
that Starbucks offered during the holidays. I LOVE the combination of
sweet and salty so this one was actually a no-brainer for me. My 2nd
cupcake was harder to pick. I wanted to do something different. Being
that we’re heading into the Fall Season, I decided to give the Fig and
Basil cupcake a try. It also sounded the least appealing to me (in a
cupcake anyways) so this was the perfect assignment to give something
different a try.

Okay, SERIOUSLY. SERIOUSLY. How could something Gluten-Free be so darned
delicious?! Lavender Moon’s Flourless Chocolate cupcake rocked it! The
cake was nice and moist, there was a generous portion of icing offered,
and the sea salt was honestly a perfect balance to the generous portion of
chocolate frosting. LOVED. LOVED. (Yes, I like to say things twice. Just
to make sure you know how I really feel)

Alright, onto something different now. I love figs and basil on my salad
or dinner plate, but in a cupcake? Not my first choice, but being the
team player that I am and wanting to make sure I represent Two Sugar
Babies and the Spy assignment well, I went with it. To my surprise,
DELICIOUS. DELICIOUS! The cake was just as moist as my first cupcake, and
I loved the little bits of fresh figs and basil inside. You could
definitely taste the basil, but it was very subtle. What a great
combination! Bravo, Lavender Moon for offering something different!

Okay, so all in all, a GREAT visit! If you love moist and not too sweet
cupcakes, cream-cheese based frostings, looking for good old cupcakes, and
in the Old Town Alexandria area, Lavender Moon is definitely a place to


  1. Looks wonderful! It's also always great to support local family owned businesses. Great job!

  2. have also tried the Fig and Basil and is it AMAZING! THe frosting is perfectly sweet - love the cream cheese based frosting over buttercream ANYDAY!