Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{Visit} A Better, More Original DC Cupcake

I'm not saying that Georgetown Cupcake had awful cupcakes. It is unusual in my experience to come across a "famous" bakery that actually has good tasting products, so I was pleasantly surprised by them.

BUT (yes, there's a but), there's another bakery in Georgetown that won my heart. At the suggestion of two of my high school friends (thanks Carey and Kelly!!), I walked through Georgetown down Thomas Jefferson Street to a little gem called Baked and Wired.  First important point--no crazy long lines. Second important point--did you read the name? Hilarious because this place is part bakery, part coffee bar. It had me at "hello." (For those of you who don't know me, I generally have an I.V. drip of coffee through a generous portion of the day.)

Back to the cupcakes. I walked into Baked and Wired and knew I was in for some awesomeness. They have all of their cupcakes under beakers. And all of the cupcakes are baked in parchment squares instead of cupcake liners. It had such a un-pretentious, disorderly, quirky feel. I loved it.

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And the flavors weren't "run of the mill" chocolate, vanilla, etc. Yes, they had a birthday cupcake ("karen's birthday") and a chocolate cupcake ("chocolate cupcake of doom"). But they also had flavors such as "razmanian devil" (lemon w/ raspberry filling), "the tessita"(vanilla w/ dulce de leche filling and some kind of amazing chocolate hazelnut icing), and "chai tea latte". Their chocolate/peanut butter cupcake was named "pretty bitchin'". It made my day.  The flavor selection appealed to the "foodie" in me. I love when it's hard to decide what I want because everything looks so complex and mouth-watering.

My husband and I only bought two cupcakes. After the melted disaster of the 1/2 dozen Georgetown Cupcakes, we were afraid we would have to scarf them down before we left town. We chose "the tessita" and "german chocolate." We kept and eye on them and they made it the 8 or 9 hours before we actually got back to our house. I was shocked. I also made him buy a ham and cheddar scone ("how good would this be for breakfast tomorrow morning?").

Believe me when I tell you, these were awesome cupcakes. I understand it's a taste preference, but I happen to enjoy cupcake icing that isn't hopped up on powdered sugar.  I love traditional italian buttercream and satin chocolate icing like my grandmother makes and I love unique "options" that replace a butter/powdered sugar/vegetable shortening mess. Seriously people, stop making that stuff. It will rot your teeth. ha! I also happen to love when someone can spread icing on a cupcake with a butter knife and can make it look like you can dive right into it. Baked and Wired won my heart.

I finished my german chocolate cupcake with my coffee while I was typing this. It was SO good. In lieu of the traditional icing options, they had a gooey mess of coconut and pecans on top. To die for. I want more. We're talking "I would drive my butt back to DC just to have another one" kind of good. I had one bite of "the tessita" before my husband attacked it Sunday night. Whoever thought of putting dulce de leche cream in the middle of the cupcake, thank you.

If you happen to be headed to DC and you are set on getting your "DC Cupcakes," consider Baked and Wired. Your feet will thank you for not standing in line, and your mouth will thank you for eating something unique and tasty as well. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I couldn't agree more! I love Baked & Wired for the coffee and the treats! Super cute post - perfectly penned!