Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{Visit} Georgetown Cupcakes

This weekend my husband and I escaped for 2 days to Washington, D.C. (without the kids!) to do some sightseeing for a post-anniversary trip. Of course this cupcake girl was not leaving without going to the famous Georgetown Cupcake. I have never watched the show, but obviously know almost all there is to know about the cupcakes :)

*Important note to all of the fools people who waited 2 hours in line Sunday morning: I ordered ahead, walked to the front of the line and my experience, including pictures, was less than 5 minutes. Thank the cupcake gods.

Here's my collection of 6 cupcakes:

It was about 95 degrees and these cupcakes were not meant to weather that kind of heat. So my husband and I went promptly to a bench on the banks of the Potomac to sample each of the cupcakes. I'm not going to lie, they were darn good cupcakes. In the picture above, the most important one you need to notice and remember is the one in the bottom left corner: the Strawberry cupcake. It was the only one that disappeared in about .3 seconds. SO good. The others were really tasty, too--I think I ordered chocolate(sq), chocolate ganache, carrot cake, red velvet and coconut. My one complaint is that they were ungodly sweet. After inhaling my 1/2 of the strawberry one, and taking just 1 bite of the others, I was not happy with the powdered sugar content in the icing. But, that said, I would definitely NOT turn down another opportunity to eat these cupcakes.

Here's a couple of pictures of the interior (it's really cute!):

Stay tuned tomorrow (well, I guess it will be later today--thank you major storm for taking out my power) for the bakery you NEED to go to and can skip the lines at Georgetown Cupcake. My mouth is watering thinking about it...in fact, I'm heading to the refrigerator for leftovers :)


  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing your experience! I can't get over the line!!!