Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{Press} The Party Dress Magazine

I am SO excited to announce the release of Issue #3 of The Party Dress magazine! I'm even more excited to announce (for those of you that haven't heard my squeals from Pittsburgh) that I have been named the new Assistant Editor! I was so lucky to work closely with Kelly on the styling of some of the shoots, and according to her blog post, I apparently am pretty good at talking her down off a ledge. LOL! I feel truly honored that Kelly has allowed me to participate in this creative outlet, and I look forward to helping her take this magazine to the next level. And as a side note, I CAN'T WAIT (yes, this is all caps kind of serious) to show you what we have planned for the Holiday/Winter Issue and the Spring Issue (oh yes, it's in the works already too!)

Photo Courtesy of The Party Dress. Click HERE to read the digital copy of the magazine and to order the print version!

Here's a few photos that I took along the way. Stay tuned here and at The Party Dress blog for behind-the-scenes looks at the parties, DIY tutorials, and recipes from the magazine!

The lanterns at night. So cute!

Caramel Apple Torte. Yum. Getting ready to do a special post w/ the recipe!

One of my favorite projects from this issue. Found this great ribbon at Michaels!

I bought my husband a Dremel for Father's Day so I could use it. My favorite Dremel activity: carving pumpkins. Yes, I did all of that "The Party Dress" by hand! Wait until you see my Halloween pumpkins for my house!

All photos property of Two Sugar Babies


  1. gorgeous pumpkins and I cannot wait for the Caramel Apple Torte recipe