Thursday, August 11, 2011

{Inspiration} Back to School

In my former life (pre-stay-at-home-mom days), I was a third grade teacher. 

I would plot & scheme all summer long (well, at least when I wasn't poolside with a good book) coming up with fun, educational & unique ideas that would make my students want to come back to my classroom each day. 

Once my July calendar page was ripped off, it was go-time.  The beginning of August meant that within a few short weeks, my students would be curiously entering the school doors, just waiting to see what was in store for them that year.  As a teacher, I never worked so hard, cried so much, got so few hours of sleep & had so much pride in these little people I was helping shape.  Until I became a mom--that is.  :)

Even now, as a  *former* teacher, my palms still get a little sweaty & my heart still skips a beat when those glorious words fall upon my ears.  Back to School!

Whether you've got a little one going to kindergarten, a not-so-little one going off to college, or someone in between, these are my must-haves for anyone hoping to be at the top of the class. 
I know I always got *so* excited when it came time to pick out my "First Day of School" Outfit.  As a tradition, my sister & I always wore the same outfit for picture day that we wore on the first day of school.... yes, even into high school.  I would have been thrilled to wear any of these items on the first day:

Pencil Scarf via saracarr

Back to School Dress via weewhimsycouture

School Socks via uncommon goods

#2 Pencil Nails via  grosgrain

Lots of folks are throwing Back to School shindigs for the neighborhood kids these days.  What a fabulous way to get everyone excited about a new school year!  Here are some awesome ideas that will surely make you the teacher's pet if you decide to throw a BTS bash. 

Back to School Dessert Table via Amy Atlas

First Day of School Survival Kits via bee in our bonnet

Pencil Candies via simply creative insanity

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Crayons via Parties by Hardie

Scented Pens via neatoshop

Bento Box Lunch via Another Lunch

Here's hoping your back to school transition will be a smooth & exciting one!  Enjoy the last few weeks of summer.  Those pencils, books & teacher's dirty looks will be here before you know it!!!


  1. AWESOME post! we are excited as our little one enters preK this year!

  2. Yay! Thanks for the feature. What a fun little collection you've gathered here! Love your site!

  3. thanks!! :) glad you guys liked it! cara did an awesome job!