Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{Inspiration} Peonies

I apologize for the length of time that has elapsed since my last blog post. Unfortunately, things have been crazy around here because I have been away for a family reason. And not a good reason, I'm afraid to report. We have been keeping up with orders (thanks to my little fondant elves!), but emailing and blogging have fallen to the wayside for the past several days. I would hope that things will return to normal soon, but I am not sure--so thank you all for your patience until then :) You all are the best!

There's something I wanted to share tonight that happens to be one of my most favorite things: peonies. I hope that one day I'll have the space in my yard for a HUGE peony garden, in several different colors. I am constantly inspired by them, and I always have a reminder of them in my workspace. A little ray of happiness, I suppose. Enjoy some of the photos I found in my browsing this evening:

Photo from Hip Hip Gin Gin

Photo from Crown of Laurel Leaves

Photo from Southern Accents

Photo from Sweet Grace Cake Designs

Photo from The Photo Garden Bee

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