Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{Cupcake Spy} Highland Bakery, Atlanta

Tonight, I'm pleased to announce the posting of the first "cupcake spy" blog post! This post comes to you from my best friend Amanda, who currently lives in Houston but was visiting Atlanta, GA for the weekend. She's testing the system....for all of you who emailed, I'm working on finalizing the schedule and you'll be hearing from me this week! Enjoy! <3 Charynn

So I lived in Atlanta for a few years, and I go back fairly often to visit friends who still live there. I just happened to be returning this past weekend when I received the call to be a cupcake spy. What a perfect fit for a job for me since I love sweets of all sorts and I enjoy sneaking around and being a menace :) .

Highland Bakery is a place I never went when I lived there and I genuinely feel like I missed out. It is in the Old Fourth Ward area of town and it has a separate area for the bakery as opposed to the restaurant (we didn't eat at the restaurant but the menu looked great and the line of folks waiting was pretty long.)

Here is a picture of the cupcake display inside, which carried regular size and also mini size cupcakes.

They also carry a lot of other baked goods as well, which here's a peek at those. I am kind of curious about this new craze of mini donuts (top of the display) but I didn't try any. Next time!

So like a good spy, I went ahead and got one of each cupcake. Like a bad spy, I didn't get to try all of them, but I did try all the ones I thought looked the best! ;)

All photos property of Amanda Busch and Two Sugar Babies.

I really liked the lemon one actually, which is odd. I usually am really keen on the strawberry. The lemon one and the two chocolate ones that look like dipped ice cream cones had exactly that. A hard chocolate coating over the also delicious icing. (The chocolate ones, by the way, were Boston cream pie and chocolate peanut butter.) I'm assuming the cupcakes are dipped somewhat similarly to how the ice cream cones are done, but alas, I didn't ask. The strawberry one was good as was the coconut. The carrot cake one was a little dry in my opinion (however I waited until the next day to try it) but it had some of the best cream cheese icing I have ever tasted. It was more cream cheese than icing which was good. I assume that is the same icing which is used on the red velvet because that is apparently their top seller. (I don't eat red velvet any more after making them once and being absolutely floored by the quantity of food coloring. Eek!) So anyway, in my review...Huge props for having mini cupcakes (99c each) which allows for far more samples. Loved the chocolate coating on the tops. And I will definitely return next time I'm in ATL.

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