Monday, March 26, 2012

{Cookbook} A Tasty Challenge

I've been waiting for a while to post about this cookbook. I got the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook by Christina Tosi just after Christmas, and I couldn't put it down. I have an addiction to cookbooks, and this one was just about perfect: a well-written and interesting story, some awesome photography, and some more-than-awesome looking desserts.

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I haven't visited (it might be a good enough reason to make a special trip), but it gets rave reviews from visitors and critics alike. I mean, check out these pictures from around the blog world:

Candy Bar Pie

Crack Pie

Chocolate Chip Layer Cake (I love the presentation!)

Crack Pie (doesn't it look SO good?) and Compost Cookie

After you're done drooling, I have a bit of a confession. I haven't made anything out of the book yet. It's just that every time I look at it, it seems so daunting. I'm not one to shy away from a challenge (especially a tasty one), but I feel like some of the recipes would require an entire day to prepare! And I think you might need to stop by the Milk Bar online store to grab a couple of essentials to make the task slightly easier (or maybe just to buy some dessert goodness). So for now, it sits on my shelf taunting me with its pictures and recipes like "you need to make time to tackle one of my recipes." In the meantime, maybe I'll swing by Williams Sonoma and buy a boxed mix. Oh wait, I already did :) More to come on the results this week :)

Have any of you made a recipe from the book? I'm dying to know what you think!

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