Friday, October 7, 2011

{Cupcake Spy} Seattle, WA

I'm so excited to say that today {Cupcake Spy} is in Seattle! Seattle is one place I would LOVE to visit, and I've heard of a lot of great bakeries there--this seems like no exception! Thanks so much to Dawn from Not Just a Mommy for taking on one of our missions! And Dawn, I'm dying to read about the "Cake Fiasco of 2003" lol! Check out her work here:


Hi! I'm Dawn Smith AKA Not Just A Mommy! from Seattle

Who I am in 140 characters or less…I like to throw parties. I like to craft. I like to go to fun places. And I like to tell people all about it. I’m a cupcake fan. It started when my kids were little and at various parties listening to ‘I want the purple corner’ ‘Why is her piece bigger?’ drove me to near insanity. Plus, after The Cake Fiasco Of 2003, I no longer do cakes. I’m always up for finding new cupcake spots, so I was thrilled to accept the cupcake spy mission.

A recent trip to West Seattle with the family brought about the accidental discovery of The Sugar Rush Baking Company. The title says it all…custom cakes, pies, cupcakes, dessert, cookies, scones. What makes it unique is you get a two-fer.  It’s a local coffee house, Coffee To A Tea, with a in-house bakery.

When you first walk in, I was greeted by a lovely young lady who graciously allowed me to snap photos of every and anything, which of course, I did!

It’s the perfect spot for those of you with young kids; it has a great playspace.

I love pretty bottles of sprinkles...

OK, on to the good stuff. They carry everything sweet, from cakes to lemon bars to cheesecakes. Their menu has delectable offerings like Kiss Me Cake; lemon cake with layers of raspberry filling or Chocolate Demise; chocolate fudge cake layered with rich chocolate ganache & chocolate buttercream, covered in more chocolate buttercream. I know, right!

But for me, it’s all about the cupcakes, and they had quite a variety!

Go Purple And Gold! (University Of Washington colors)

I was impressed with the fact that they carried minis in the case; the majority of cupcake shops I’ve been to only have them as a special order. I’m pretty sure with the playspace, they have no shortage of kids to keep them stocked.

We couldn't decide, so we just tried everything…the Baby Flake; white cake with coconut cream cheese & coconut flakes, the Mocha; chocolate cake & espresso buttercream, the Strawberry Lemonade; lemon cake & strawberry buttercream, the Essential White; white cake & vanilla buttercream, and Just Chocolate; chocolate cake & chocolate buttercream. We were quite impressed! First, the frosting is very light, (we all detest heavy, thick frosting) but still flavorful. Even as minis, they packed a good little punch.  The Mocha wasn't screaming espresso, which is usually the case, just enough to taste.  My 7 and 10 year old boys spent the summer cupcake sampling during our trips to Houston and Spokane, so they fancy themselves cupcake connoisseurs.  They definitely gave their cupcakes 4 thumbs up! We will certainly be coming back to the Sugar Rush Baking Company for more taste tests and I may even sneak in a cup of coffee.


  1. Thanks for having me on! I love finding new spots!

  2. What a great feature! I’m so jealous of a sweets store with a play space (though that could just be dangerous too!).