Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{Halloween} Candy Corn Confession

I have a bit of a confession to make: I hate candy corn. I hate the taste of it, to be specific. Knowing what candy corn is made of/resembles, this may be amusing to a few of you :) But I LOVE the color combination, shape, and the fact that it screams autumn and Halloween. So, instead of putting out a bowl of candy corn, I am going to indulge in a few of these ideas:

Candy Corn Fudge from Taste and Tell

Candy Corn Cake Wedges from MyRecipes

Candy Corn Cupcake Cones from Love from the Oven

Candy Corn Topiary from Better Homes and Gardens via The Party Dress

Candy Corn Macarons via Barbara Bakes

Candy Corn Wreath from Woman's Day--I made this wreath a couple of weekends ago, and it's awesome--and easy!


  1. hate it too:) but is sure is pretty!

  2. I hate it too, but it's so fun. Thanks for including my post in your roundup.

  3. Being in the UK, I'm relatively new to Candy Corn and have had it posted from the US. But I have eaten so much of it, the sweetness had made my temples ache! I'm right off it now. I agree the colour combination is fab! The fudge looks like it would make my gums and temples ache!

  4. i'm glad that i'm not alone in hating candy corn! glad you guys liked the post :) and barbara, you're welcome! those macarons are perfect!