Thursday, September 8, 2011

{Halloween} Candy Corn Confession Part II

People are very passionate about candy corn. They either love it or hate it! Two Sugar Babies' post yesterday inspired this write up.

Do I love candy corn? You betcha! Leading up to Halloween, I always look forward to the overflowing Brachs bags. Need a serious sugar fix? These tiny bites of sugary sweetness really pack a punch.

I admit, I'm a bit methodical when delving into the candy dish. I make a point to always bite off one color at a time. I also love mixing candy corns with salted peanuts. Yum!

My BFF & I have been exchanging candy corn and/or candy corn themed gifts for 15 years now. It goes way back to our college days...when we were caught in the midst of flinging candy corn. We now include our kids in the gift giving. It's become a candy corn tradition.

In lieu of me buying a candy corn themed gift this year, I found these photos to be a bit more inspiring. This year, I will think outside of the box!


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