Tuesday, August 2, 2011

{DIY} 3 Things to Try

One thing that I miss about my lazy life before Two Sugar Babies came along is the daily dose of DIY projects I attempted. I have always been a "crafter." My mom can attest to this--she has a collection of handmade gadgets, decorations, and clothing from my laundry list of completed projects. Here are a few of the things I am really dying to try on a free day...or in the case of one of the ideas, 30 free days.

The first is a 30-day Photography Challenge from White Peach Photography. First I need to learn more about my camera, but this would be a good jump start I think.

photo from White Peach Photography

A cool button monogram from My Blessed Life that would be perfect to use up some the buckets of buttons I've collected over the years:

photo from My Blessed Life

Last, but not least, a rosette tutorial from Craftaholics Anonymous. I'm obsessed with these...to use on clothes and headbands for Madelyn in particular.

photo from craftaholics anonymous

What DIY projects are you dying to try?? I need some more inspiration for my procrastination :)

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