Thursday, April 12, 2012

{Visit} Paris 66 Macarons

I just had to share a wonderful macaron experience I had on Tuesday. For all of you Pittsburgh people, you HAVE to head over to Penn Circle to Paris 66 Bistro. The head pastry chef there trained at Laduree, and the macarons are seriously the best I've ever had! My favorite: the white chocolate basil.

in the picture: chocolate, lavender, and coffee flavored ones


  1. oh my... so amazing! I've heard amazing things about Laduree, from friends who live in Paris. That's awesome to have a little bit of Paris in PA!

  2. They are beautiful. I have never had a chance to macaroons but they look delicious. White chocolate basil should not sound so delicious but it does. Short of going to France this seems like a good place to find these delicacies.

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