Friday, October 14, 2011

{Cupcake Spy} Tampa, FL

Peanut Butter Cup Cupcake

Hi Friends! This is Dorangela visiting from Two Prince Bakery Theater. My mission, to find delicious treats in the form of cupcakes. When Charynn asked me to undertake this task I thought about it for about a second and gladly accepted. So I get to go and eat cupcakes, right? Well lots of cupcakes later (too embarrassing to say how many)* and perhaps 5 pounds later... here is what I found!

Daily Menu

Gigi's Cupcakes, is a  little gem of a cupcake shop conveniently located in a shopping center very close to where I live in South Tampa. I have been wanting to try it for some time now and this gave me a great excuse to do so. Let me tell you we were in for an amazing treat! The shop is very welcoming and the decor is charming. The cupcake displays are beautiful, and did I forget to mention the menu changes daily (that's where the too many to mention part comes in)*. Did you hear me people, daily! So that meant many trips to Gigi's. Lot's of times cupcakes are decorated to look absolutely amazing until you take a too sugary sweet bite of let's be honest, ordinary frosting. Not here, the cupcakes are not only little culinary works of art they also taste fabulous from the icing to the cake!

Lemon Dream Supreme

And now for my favorite cupcake of all time. The Kentucky Bourbon Pie cupcake, this cupcake weighs like a pound and it's rich and delicious. It is bourbon cake with pecans, chocolate chips and caramel drizzle. What's not too love.

So my jeans are a little bit tighter, but I have a smile on my face. I am sure that I will be back to "spy" on Gigi's Cupcakes, it was just that good!

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