Friday, September 16, 2011

{Cupcake Spy} Detroit, Michigan

Today {Cupcake Spy} is traveling to Detroit! Kia of Ke Event Designs could hardly contain her excitement for this mission :) She'll soon be launching her website, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Stop back in next week to see where {Cupcake Spy} is headed next! Have a great weekend! <3 Charynn

Places: Pinwheel Bakery + The Cupcake Station, Detroit MI
Cupcake spy: Kia Gist of Ke Event Designs

The mission: Find a local bakery that serves the best cupcakes, take pictures, ask questions, and write about the experience. This is one of the easiest requests I have ever had! Being a self-proclaimed foodie and a culinary graduate and fanatic, this task was a great fit for me.  I jumped at the opportunity when I saw the call for a Cupcake Spy and I quickly signed on. 
I’m Kia from Ke Event Designs in the Motor City, Detroit. I am a lover of food and of course, cupcakes. I don’t like many sweets really, but cupcakes are just enough sweetness without being an overbearing sugar rush. In the Metro area, we have some talented bakers and some innovative cupcakeries. One such place is The Cupcake Station. With a new location in the hip suburb of Ferndale, The Cupcake Station has two other locations throughout the Metro Detroit area. One of the owners, Kerry, has a passion for cupcakes that has been embedded since childhood. His cupcakes have been enjoyed by the likes of Martha Stewart, Bobby Flay, and even Michigan Governor Granholm. The Cupcake Station uses its trendy bites for the good of the community as well. The cupcakes can be used to help raise money for non-profits and giving back to the community. My taste was the carrot cake variety, and I must say this sweet treat was rich and moist and full of savor. Flavors such as PB&C (Peanut Butter and Chocolate), Cookies and Cream, and even the Vabulous Chocolate Vega varieties are available everyday at the Station. The Station has 24 varieties of cupcakes daily and a feature flavor each month. Full of innovation and diversity, The Cupcake Station delivers some of the most delectable bites of goodness…and did I mention they come in three different sizes? Mini, regular, and large! 

All Photos property of Ke Event Designs and Two Sugar Babies

The Cupcake Station is on the popular street 9 mile Rd, just west of Woodward. This area holds some of Ferndale’s most sought after retail realty.

Each cupcake has a clever saying on the shelf card…mine aptly named “What’s up Doc!”
There is another bakery across the way from the Cupcake Station that has a very unique approach to baking. Pinwheel Bakery has been around for a number of years in the Downtown Ferndale area because it is driven by ambitious and dedicated bakers.

The window displays change every season and are just about as tempting as the sweet treats are!

I know, this is a cupcake mission, but Pinwheel has some of the most amazing baked goods. The cupcakes are very simple, but the icing adds the perfect sweetness that someone like me who isn’t much of a sugar person can appreciate. The cupcakes at Pinwheel may not come in as many varieties as other bakeries, but I will vouch that their French macaroons more than make for it. Pinwheel is a bakery with some of the most talented cake decorators, and the quality of work is impeccable. I tried about four cupcakes and was pleasantly surprised by the flavors and simple ingredients. My favorite was the vanilla with vanilla icing. I am totally a picky eater, and besides not liking many sweets or chocolate, I know that the flavors were not too overbearing and just sweet enough to make it all worth every calorie. The macaroons are another one of Pinwheel’s specialties. They are soft and full of customizable colors. The cupcakes at Pinwheel can be decorated with hand painted decorations for any occasion.

The chocolate with chocolate, chocolate with vanilla, the vanilla with vanilla, vanilla with chocolate, and German chocolate.

The French macaroons are customizable with colors and soft enough to eat more than one!

Wedding cupcakes from Pinwheel

Some of the quirky d├ęcor for Pinwheel before their renovation (until October 2011):

If you are ever in the Detroit area, taking a 10 minute trip up Woodward Ave is worth the trip to explore the sweet treats on 9 mile Rd in beautiful and trendy Downtown Ferndale.