Tuesday, August 23, 2011

{Food} Breakfast Ritual

Does your family have a breakfast staple? French toast is the most requested dish in our household. My son & I whip up this sweet treat a few times a week per his request.

What I love about french toast is the versatility of the dish. It's a blank canvas. Here are some variations that I hope inspire you!

Our basic milk & egg mixture always includes a bourbon vanilla extract & Saigon cinnamon. Hosting a brunch or overnight guests? Dress up your basic french toast with mixed berries & confectioner's sugar.

On occasion, I sprinkle culinary lavender into my batter. It adds a fragrant note as well as a subtle lavender taste. It looks pretty too!

Do you have blueberries that are a bit too ripe? Toss them into a saucepan with sugar & apple cider. Reduce the mixture till it becomes a thickened sauce & then pour over your buttery delight!

I'll leave you with some french toast trivia. In France they call french toast "pain perdu". {Pain perdu} means "lost bread". Essentially, the purpose is to reclaim stale bread. Surprisingly, the French enjoy this dish for dessert & not breakfast!

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