Wednesday, July 27, 2011

{Design} Eclectic Coast

Can someone pack up my belongings & ship them to me pretty please? I've been on a beach hiatus in Southern California & I have to say it's one of my all time favorite retreats. Each time I visit, it becomes more difficult to leave. Hmmm...I think Corona del Mar could make do with a {Modern Cupcake} location...don't you?

I wanted to translate a coastal vibe into this living space through an eclectic mix of furnishings, lighting & accessories. In interior design terms, the eclectic design concept is achieved by using various styles to create a uniform look.

I created this {Eclectic Coast} design with the use of pattern, soft & hard lines, contemporary styles, traditional styles, & a soft palate of color with the juxtaposition of black. I loved the delicateness of the chandelier & the sharp punch of graphic detail on the coral pillow. I infused color with teal, aqua & pink coral.

If you want to design a seaside retreat, think {Eclectic Coast}!

{Note, click on picture for a larger view.}

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