Wednesday, November 17, 2010

{DIY Activities} Colored Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies

Ever since I posted pictures of Madelyn's Birthday Party, I have had more than a few requests for the Fortune Cookies from the Dessert Table.  Everyone went crazy for them! I thought about keeping my secret (just because everyone thought I was cool haha), but decided to share with all of you :) These are such versatile little cookies, and I know you will find a reason to use them for your next party--maybe for a Chinese New Year party? Now that I have made them once, I'd like to try them for other parties as well. Maybe dipped in light blue with little snowflakes on them? Dipped in dark chocolate and dusted with gold luster dust? Or maybe all white with different colored nonpareils? I'd love to hear your ideas! Thank you for your lovely comments, everyone, and have a great week!

What you need:

Fortune cookies (either homemade or store bought). I actually bought mine individually wrapped from Oriental Trading!

Different colored candy coating chips (found at baking supply stores or at Michaels, etc) or any kind of chocolate appropriate for dipping.

Jumbo-sized sprinkles (these Wilton brand ones are from Global Sugar Art, where they have lots of Holiday-themed kinds as well. I'm sure you can also find them at Michaels and similar stores).

First step: Unwrap all of your cookies if you need to. In small heat-proof bowls, melt some of the candy coating chips or chocolate according to package instructions. You can add solid vegetable shortening if it is still too thick when melted. Do NOT overheat.

Dip bottom half of fortune cookie in the melted coating.

Place on a wax paper covered cookie sheet and place a sprinkle on the cookie while coating is still wet. Continue to dip the rest of the fortune cookies in desired colors.

When tray is filled, place in refrigerator or freezer until coating is set.

You are all done! They can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator. You can layer them between wax paper. They are best when made the day before or day of the party. 

If you make some for the holidays, make sure you post some pictures for me to see!


  1. I made fortune cookies once from scratch. They were REALLY difficult to make! So from personal experience, I wouldn't recommend it!

    I love the flower sprinkles! You're so cute!

  2. Thanks for sharing! My teenager just fell in love with candy coating while making her first cake pops, now we're thinking oreos! We'll try these!

  3. Seems so simple and they are sooo cute! :)